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Joe has published articles in Ezine articlesSeeking AlphaWhoTrades.comLinkedIn  is quoted in The Globe and MailWealth Professional, Golden Girl Finance and the Huffington Post. and appeared on Rogers TV for his book. The published articles can be found on the articles page.

August 2018 The Huffington Post (Canadian Edition)

Contributed to article: Plenty of Canadians Own Shares in Gun Companies Without Knowing It. 

August 2018 Golden Girl Finance

Contributed to article: A Safety Drill For Your Investments

April 2017
Contributed to article: Does it Ever Make Sense to Borrow Money For a Down Payment?

February 2017
Contributed to article: Clueless Millennials Grill Tax Expert About RRSPs

February 2017 The Globe and Mail

Contributed to article: Workers in the 'gig' economy face challenges in saving for retirement

January 2017

Contributed to article: Netflix, Uber, Spotify: How big should your digital budget be?

September 2016 Blog
How To Do a Mid-Year Financial Checkup

August 2016 Blog

The Skinny on Robo-Advising

July 2016 Blog

The RESP and How it Can Help Your Kids

June 2016 Blog

TFSA Basics Explained

May 2016 Blog

Three Types of Financial Advisors and How to Choose One

​How To Benefit From Term Life Insurance

April 2016 Blog

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing a Financial Advisor

March 2016 Blog

Should I Use a TFSA or an RRSP to Save For Retirement?

February 2016 Community Captured Roncy 

If you live in the High Park Roncesvalles area, there is an ad for my services in the Community Captured Roncy Magazine starting February 2016

February 2016 Edition page 13
March 2016 Edition page 6 
April 2016 Edition page 7

May 2016 Edition page 7

November 2015 Interview at Turnaround Duo

​Interview with Bahman Yazdanfar and John Berling Hardy at Turnaround Duo entitled "How the Financial Services Sector Operates" 

October 2014 Interview at Tea At Taxevity

Interview with Promod Sharma at Tea At Taxevity entitled "How Much Money Do You Need To Obtain Financial Advice?"

July 2014 Interview at Tea At Taxevity

Interview with Promod Sharma at Tea At Taxevity entitled "Finding Value in Unexpected Places"

April 2014 Book Signing in Chapters, Woodbridge

Appeared in Snapd Woodbridge April Edition for Book signing in Chapters in Woodbridge

March 2014 Book Signing in Chapters, North York

Appeared in Snapd North York April Edition for Book signing in Chapters at Bayview Place

December 2013 Book Signing in Chapters, Brampton

​Appeared in Snapd Brampton December Edition for Book signing in Chapters Brampton​

November 2013 Interview on Today's Talk - Rogers TV

Interview for his book "What Is Your Money Telling You?" on Today's Talk - Rogers TV in Brampton, Ontario

October 17, 2013 Article in Wealth Professional

Contributed to Article: Wealth Professional web site "Advisors Worried About Billionaire's Outrage"

December 2009 Article in Pension and Benefits Monitor 

Pension and Benefits Monitor Magazine Laying Down the Infrastructure Concept

August 2009 Article in Pension and Benefits Monitor 

Pension and Benefits Monitor Magazine Subprime Mortgages and the US

June 2009 Article in Pension and Benefits Monitor 

Pension and Benefits Monitor Magazine Subprime Mortgages in Canada on page 17

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