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What do you want?

  • Financial planning that is not tied to the selling of any product - an independent opinion?
  • Confidence, simplicity and peace of mind with regard to your finances?
  • Do you need help or guidance with implementation of the financial plan?
  • To know if you are getting good value from your current advisor or broker?
  • To be charged on a fee only basis for work performed and not by the assets you have?
  • Would you like a team of partners who can cover all aspects of financial planning such as insurance, taxation, estate planning and corporations?
  • Financial education to empower you to understand your financial situation?
  • Small business or self-employed financial needs?
  • To simplify your financial portfolio?
  • Make your financial picture efficient - such as saving 1% on your debt, investment and budget needs that can create thousands of dollars in new wealth before retirement?
  • Restructuring your finances to achieve your goals?
Visit our Services page to see what options are suitable for you.

Clink on the video link "What Is a Fee Only Financial Advisor?" to learn more about how the process works and how value is created for you:

To download our "What is an Independent Financial Planner" brochure, click here.
To download our "The Power of 1%" brochure demonstrating our value added, click here.

Information and Financial Education

If you are looking for general financial information, visit our Resources page. Visit our educational interviews on the Media and The QB Talk Show pages, as well as Written Articles and my Blog.

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